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Welcome! To the Woolford Medical Media Webinar Tool. A safe space to discuss pharmacology online. 

The WMM Webinar tool is Pharma specific. The aim is to create a greener world by collaborating software in a sustainable carbon-neutral meeting culture. We are continuously developing the WMM Webinar Tool to meet the needs of our trusted clients, lowering travel costs and pioneering a greener world.

So, we would like to say thank you, for choosing to hold your meeting on this virtual platform instead of hopping on a plane or driving a car, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions. 

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WMM represents various international publishers. Explore focused chapters & journal marketing solutions.

Deliver the 


to your physician

Audiovisual Conference

 Medical Education

Send the highlights of a conference in a journal style magazine of symposiums and advertorials. 

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 Medical Animation 

The immersive world of 3D animation offers endless connections in technology. 

Anatomical Model

 Medical Education 

Aid the dialogue between your physicians and patients with a visual prop.

Playing on Tablet

Medical Animation 

Help your physician gain CME points with a specially designed online course.

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 Medical Education

View the entire ESC textbook & journal series, the must have's of Cardiology.

Team Meeting

 Medical Comms 

Find the expert medical writer for your campaign. Take it global with a medical translator.

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