Woolford Medical Media has a strong reputation for developing and supplying engaging educational materials to support medical and marketing professionals in achieving their goals. By working in collaboration with global key suppliers, we produce bespoke, innovative marketing resources to promote products, educate patients and healthcare professionals and support all training needs. 

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“Woolford Medical Media has provided us with valuable educational tools for many years, and continues to provide a fast, friendly service and a great range of publications tailored to meet our needs.”

—  Mundipharma

“I have worked with Hannah Woolford for many years on different publication projects. Hannah is very professional and pleasant to interact with. Inspiration is a strong point and new ideas are delivered based on mutual discussions and input. Hannah has the ability to push for completion in an urgent situation.”

The Lundbeck Institute

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Design a bespoke virtual platform to engage HCPs in all eventualities. We have the technology and knowledge to secure your meetings, conferences, educational courses and more in one sustainable space.

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Woolford Medical Media have a dedicated team with a unique set of skills to produce effective medical education in inspiring multimedia formats. We have the ability to contribute a practical, expert opinion and deliver our clients cutting edge content and innovation for busy healthcare professionals. 

Our experienced team will give you the personal service you're looking for.

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Project Manager 

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Graphic Designer

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