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Network Events & Conferences

One to One Meetings 

Marketing & Sales Proposals

Host a Conference 

CME & CPD Accredited Courses

Virtual Communications

There are unlimited possibilities to connect, educate & inspire physicians, patients and advocates. Each platform has flexible options, tailored to region and budget.  Engagement features could include:

  • Bespoke 3D Animations

  • Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders 

  • Interactive Self Assessment Tests   

  • Publications from Academics

  • Virtual Communication Extensions

Ipad WMM Learning Platform

It Feels Good To Be Green

Tired of travelling for your meetings?

Want to increase your work efficiency and not your carbon footprint?

Online Engagement is becoming increasingly important to companies who aim for sustainability.

Never miss a meeting again!

3DTOZ Logo.png

Interactivity, gamification, VR and AR capacities 

Feature pre-recorded & live webinars 

Workshops for up to 1000 people

Ticket Entry broadcasts

Chat rooms

3D self-evaluation interactive tests

Password protected site 

Generic or unique access codes

Targeted content for selected users

Sharing buttons for content distribution 

User Profiles

Customisation and detailed analytics

Geo-location activation on videos.

Regional Restrictions

Multi-language capabilities 

Hosting options ​

Additional Features Can Be Requested And Tailored 

Technical Capabilities

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