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WMM Virtual Meeting Platform

Welcome! To the WMM Virtual Meeting Platform.

A safe space to discuss pharmacology online.

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The best way to understand the endless capabilities of our virtual platform is to see it with your own eyes. Please use the form below to arrange a demonstration, or scroll down for more information.


Please tell us which day you are available and we will be in touch to arrange a time

Dates Available:

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Virtual Meeting Platform

The Virtual Meeting Platform is tailored to your Pharma specific needs. The aim is to create a greener world by collaborating software in a sustainable carbon-neutral meeting culture.

We are continuously developing the WMM Webinar Tool to meet the needs of our trusted clients, lowering travel costs and pioneering a greener world.

WMM Digital team will train and prepare all the speakers and provide technical support prior and throughout
the event. This will include individual technical tests plus a full rehearsal before the event.
Separate logins for silent participants and speakers with different private messaging capabilities.

WMM will provide a fully orchestrated event to include full tech staff, a producer and event manager. We
understand that most clients will wish to provide moderators and a chair person to run the meeting.

WMM will give the option of a fully managed event including invitations, reminders and "save the date" emails
as well as post conference emails. All emails will be fully customised according to GDPR compliance and branding.

If needed, WMM Scientific team can be available to work on all the slides before the meeting verifying the
content and checking the references. Our graphic designers will unify all of the slides and design the logon
page in line with brand guidelines.

Key Features and Benefits of the Platform:

• Two key reliable browser technologies – Websockets and WebRTC
• Interactive Polls and engaging Q&A sessions.
• Dynamic team breakout rooms available
• Ability to have experts active on camera during the discussion. 12 Maximum.
• Custom design and production.
• Full tracking and reporting.
• Integrated Voice Technology.
• Zoom to fit screen size
• High quality video
• Fully managed professional event including tech support, producer and event manager.

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