The World's First Online Interactive 3D Immune Oncology Platform

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This 3D Oncology Learning Platform has successfully launched, providing the world's first complete 3D Educational Tool and likely to be one of the most valuable medical educational tools to date in this area. We are offering you the opportunity of supplying bespoke branded subscriptions to your key oncology Healthcare Professionals.

The main features being:

  • Unique and Valuable Item for your HCPs to Increase respect

  • Engage your HCPs with Minimal Time and Resources Needed

  • 131 3 Minute Bite Size Videos across the spectrum to Help educate

  • 1300 Interactive 3D Assessments that can be Self-certified CME points

  • Pick and Choose Videos or Take as a full Set for Bespoke learning

  • Bespoke Videos can be Added to Focus on your product area

  • Company Branded Shell Option to Reinforce your value

  • Hosted on Any Platform for Simplicity and ease of use

  • Exclusivity available per region so don't delay

Fully tested and validated by Harvard MIT

Multiple applications: CME, MOAs, Techniques, Case Studies, Interactive Learning, Internal Training, Medical Education.

Customisable Branding Options Available

Find out how we can customise this video for all your educational needs.

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